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“I´m very happy, that there is a tradition in Toila (East-Estonia), where people will gather to celebrate the Re-Independence Day. During the time I have been connected with the event and the Estonian Music Agency, it always has been organised in a highest level I could imagine. The agency has put much of their energy into that event and they have had a significant role in developing, management and holding the quality of the event. It is true to say that thanks to them we have had a possibility to enjoy world class performers and cultural program in a such a lovely place. Thanks to the level of commitment and good experience I have supported the Admiral regatta for the children which has been organised during the event”.

Margit Kohv


“We have been connected with the Estonian Music Agency through our parish main event – the Promenade of Oru park. Our collaboration has been deeply enriching to our guests, local people and also to artists. We have felt a strong and confident bond during the works and time and this has led into a result which very few places can afford – we have enjoyd excellent program and performers from Estonia and abroad. Toila parish has gained from the partnership with the agency in the field of experience and recognition. I hope that there will be more great musical excperiences”.

Tiit Salvan, Director of Jõhvi Gymnasium from 2012
(Mayor of Toila from 2005-2011)


“We have been working with the agency for a long time. The Promenaad event has been our target and we have always beeing impressed of the level of works the agency has done. It has given us such a positive feeling that we have invited to the event our partners and friends who have told us the same good feedback. To us it has been important how the agency has organised the marketing of the event and thanks to that we can be sure that we can cooperate in the future”.

Maris Rudnevs, Director of Varenagrupp OÜ


“I can warmly recommend Estonian Music Agency, since we worked together in 2010 where I performed in Toila with Jean Luc Drion. We found there a very beautiful outdoor spot in Estonia, where romantic feeling and music was a perfect match. All works were done with the highest standard and we look forward working together again”.

Francis Goya